We have conducted comprehensive research on our customer base in collaboration with the key industry associations, bureau of statistics to establish cattle breeder benchmark parameters.

Our AI Chatbot Farm Assistant can help you better understand and act on this information.

The following benchmarks represent potential annual income for breeders with the specified number of animals, considering proper livestock management with an AgriEID Digital Farm System, optimal livestock genetics, and a professional annual medical treatment plan.

These figures are a guide only and can be achieved through best practices in livestock management, data collection, analytics, and professional advice (veterinary for medical and stock agent for genetics).

33 Breeders = 30 calves @ 1kg per day (ADG) @ $5 per kilogram = $41,000 p.a. (sold at 9 months) with 1 Bull

66 Breeders = 60 calves @ 1kg per day (ADG) @ $5 per kilogram = $82,000 p.a. (sold at 9 months) with 2 Bulls

110 Breeders = 100 calves @ 1kg per day (ADG) @ $5 per kilogram = $136,875 p.a. (sold at 9 months) with 3 Bulls

Focus on these Key Metrics :

1. Average Daily Weight Gain (ADG) measurement and performance

2. Implement and record an Annual Medical Plan with veterinary advice

3. Genetics - record sire and dam link, cull poor performers, introduce new stronger performing genetics

4. Fertility - record births with dam link, remove infertile animals

5. Stock levels - reduce stocking levels to improve calf growth rates

6. Pasture improvement - reduce weeds, slash and fertilise (soil tests)

Medical Treatment Benchmark: Administer oral drench for internal parasites twice a year, provide 2 vaccinations for calves and 1 for cows/bulls (7-in-1 or 5-in-1), and use insecticidal ear tags for buffalo fly and parasite control. Apply pour-on and spray treatments for external parasites as needed.

For underperforming calves, administer booster treatments and nutrients to improve weight gain performance. Consult your local veterinarian for a tailored treatment schedule based on your region, climate, and parasite concerns.

Investing 1-2 hours annually in consultation with a veterinary expert can optimize animal care for your property. Schedule appropriate treatments based on your property's location and enter the details into the AgriEID planner with the help of FARM AI.

Improving pasture quality (soil testing with agronomist advice) can increase your property's income potential, as it enhances breeder carrying capacity and, consequently, raises benchmarks and annual revenue. Our FARM AI assistant can assist you in tracking and analyzing this data for better decision-making.

For more information on how the investment in technology can have a significant positive impact on farm income please check out our return on investment page here