Product Servicing & Warranty

Warranty Policy

AgriEid warranty obligations for products manufactured by AgriEid are limited to the terms set out in this policy.

Warranty Coverage

Products manufactured by AgriEid are warranted against faulty material and workmanship for a 12 month period from the date of purchase.

If AgriEid receives a valid claim within the relevant Warranty Period, AgriEid will, at its option:

  • repair the product at no charge, using new or refurbished replacement parts;
  • exchange the product with a product that is new or has functionality equivalent to the original product; or
  • refund the product's purchase price.

Exclusions and Limitations

This warranty applies only to genuine AgriEid products manufactured by or for AgriEid.

No responsibility is accepted for any accident or damage caused subsequent to any tampering with or modification to or misuse of this product, including (but not limited to) alterations made by anyone other than AgriEid.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, this warranty is exclusive, personal to you and in lieu of all other warranties, representations or conditions relating to this product (whether express or implied and whenever arising) whether originating by statute, law, trade, custom or otherwise.

The product warranty is only valid in the original country of purchase. Any claims made in another country may incur full repair costs at the owner’s expense.

Obtaining service under this policy

Please contact AgriEid directly for any repairs or replacements, under this policy on +44 (0) 20 3966 6527 or by email here.